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Announcements from the iCagenda Project for the attention of all Users. We encourage all iCagenda users to subscribe to this forum or check it regularly.

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Re: [WISH LIST] ROAD MAP : Feature ...
de claffolay
il y a 4 mois 1 semaine

iCagenda - English 1477 sujets

Help Forum English for iCagenda extension

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Re: Extra field input specificatio ...
de pixelma
il y a 3 jours 21 heures
Forum d'aide en Français pour l'extension iCagenda

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Re: Rappel
de Muadib24
il y a 1 semaine 1 jour
Forum di assistenza italiano per estensione iCagenda

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Inserire i commenti
de mep64
il y a 3 semaines 4 jours
Forums in other languages are not maintained by the JoomliC Team.
If you don't get an answer from another user, you can post your question on the English or French forum.

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de ub60
il y a 1 semaine 6 jours

Modérateurs: Lyr!C, giusebos
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Re: iC rounded - iCagenda Theme
de Lyr!C
il y a 2 mois 2 semaines
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