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Issue with past events

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il y a 1 mois 2 semaines #17745 par chryssapatsa
Issue with past events a été créé par chryssapatsa
I've recently noticed that when i click on a future event (in calendar module), the event full description appears normally.
But, when i click on any past event, it redirects to home page and the full event description appears before footer. Check screenshot.
What is the problem?
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il y a 1 mois 1 semaine #17769 par Lyr!C
Réponse de Lyr!C sur le sujet Issue with past events

This is because you don't have created a menu item to display the past events. (normal behavior of the Joomla routing system)

2 solutions:
- create a menu item to display past events.
- change option "link to menu" in the module options, to use the menu item list of events you want to use instead.

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