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Error message "Class 'iCutilities\Router\Router' not found"

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il y a 1 an 6 mois #17658 par Fini
Hi all,

after my customer added new events, the browser shows the following error message Class 'iCutilities\Router\Router' not found, after clicking the info-button to get to the details page.

We can not indentify, if there was a certain event which caused, that. After adding the new events, everything seemed fine. Joomla version is 3.10.6 and iCagenda version 3.8.3. The error message however also existed before the updates.

Any ideas?

Thanks & best
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il y a 1 an 5 mois #17663 par Lyr!C
I've received too your email, and answered it.

As you have a pro subscription, better to open a private ticket so that i could have a look at your admin to check the reason of your issue.

Best regards,

Latest version : iCagenda 3.8.18
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