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Custom Theme - Cube Module

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5 Mesi 2 Settimane fa - 5 Mesi 1 Settimana fa #16694 da LukeDouglas
Custom Theme - Cube Module è stato creato da LukeDouglas

I followed your directions in the video and created a custom theme for the ic_rounded which I named ic_rounded_headland. However, on the iCagenda > Themes, it is not displaying the thumbnail even though I did rename the thumbnail in the file. I get this message where the thumbnail should appear.

Edited section by Lyr!C:

Questo messaggio contiene informazioni riservate

I cleared my browser cache, website cache both Site and Admin but no luck. The 'ic-date-div' does not show up.

Any ideas on how to get this working?
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5 Mesi 1 Settimana fa #16699 da Lyr!C
Risposta da Lyr!C al topic Custom Theme - Cube Module

You have a pro subscription, so could you open a pro ticket here:

And attach your files in a zipped folder there?

So that i would be able to test your custom theme, and check what could be wrong (of course, no need to edit helper.php!) ;-)

Thank you!

Best regards,

Latest version : 3.7.11

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