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Is there any module to display highlighted icagenda events?

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4 Anni 2 Mesi fa - 4 Anni 2 Mesi fa #14810 da marceloklotz

I wonder if is there any joomla extension for module position available to display highlighted events as we can on K2 itens or joomla articles. Does anyone knows about it? Could give a link to it for trying it out?

If not, anyone knows of any joomla extension that retrieve metadata from a external URL to display in a module position, kind like a RSS feed. For example, Facebook retrieve metadata from URLs when people post a webpage there. That solution would work too. Not soo god as icagenda extension for showing events on a module position, but it would be handing.

I have been searching on joomla directory and web for a solution, but did not find anything yet.

Greetings from Brazil!
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4 Anni 2 Mesi fa #14844 da Lyr!C

I don't know today if any other extension allow to get iCagenda data to do such a job, but it's planned for iCagenda (in my todo list) to integrate a "Featured" option for each event as it works for Joomla articles.

I don't know exactly when i will work on this, but it will mean this integration will be done too in the Pro module iC Event List. ;-)

Best regards,

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