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iCagenda ANNOUNCEMENTS 11 discussioni

Announcements from the iCagenda Project for the attention of all Users. We encourage all iCagenda users to subscribe to this forum or check it regularly.

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Re: [NEWS] Joomla! 4
da Lyr!C
2 Mesi 3 Settimane fa

iCagenda - English 1602 discussioni

Help Forum English for iCagenda extension

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Re: Full Year (annual and academic ...
da Lyr!C
2 giorni 23 Ore fa

iCagenda - Français 1141 discussioni

Forum d'aide en Français pour l'extension iCagenda

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Re: Affichage formulaire d'ajout
da Pascal77
1 Giorno 22 Ore fa

iCagenda - Italiano 553 discussioni

Forum di assistenza italiano per estensione iCagenda

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Re: iCagenda non supporta PHP 8.1
da Lyr!C
4 Mesi 1 Settimana fa
Forums in other languages are not maintained by the JoomliC Team.
If you don't get an answer from another user, you can post your question on the English or French forum.

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Re: Formatierung Event-List-Modul
da chef_gso
2 giorni 9 Ore fa

iCagenda Theme Packs 45 discussioni

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Re: List of participants on Events ...
da Lyr!C
6 Mesi 2 Settimane fa

Altre estensioni 7 discussioni


GoogliC Analytics 7 discussioni

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Re: Plusieurs domaines
da Lyr!C
4 Anni 11 Mesi fa

General 23 discussioni


Miscellaneo 23 discussioni

Discussione generale sul progetto o JoomliC su questo sito. E altre discussioni.

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Re: Issue with past events
da Lyr!C
6 Mesi 3 Settimane fa

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