A few more days to wait before release of 3.8.0-alpha4.

I need to package the alpha4 (J4 ready) and check this version a bit more on both J3 and J4, so that you could discover and test in the best conditions!

Almost 400 files new, refactoried or changed since alpha3! A big work done, and i hope you will enjoy it!

Working on Joomla 4 compatibility since almost 3 months, and 80% is done.

Much more work than i expected...
(not similar to j2.5 to J3 move as much more important changes in J4 structure, and i had to modify many parts of iCagenda.)

Expecting a 3.8-alpha4 test version in the next 2 or 3 weeks on September 30, and a stable version in Autumn.
(depending on testing period, feedback...)

So if you have a test site, your feedback will be welcome!
(do not use in production the alpha4 release which may have bugs after a full refactory of the extension and sooo many changes in code!)

After alpha4 release, i will postponed some minor features planned for 3.8 to a 3.9 version, in order to focus on cleaning and fixing any bugs in J4 compatibility to be able to release 3.8.0 as soon as possible.
(maybe not before a few months for stable, as all the package system and install process to redo due to the Joomla extension checker not seeing that modules and plugins will be compatible, so need to create a package system install to allow this detection.)

Best regards,

Admin Preview Joomla 4




Frontend Preview Joomla 4


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Anzeigen von Events im Bundesland Bayern in Deutschland. Alle Events sind super leicht erklärt und es gibt sehr hohen Response.

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